The AITJ Training Hall

The Training Hall (TH) is a platform that allows AI Time Journal team members to learn critical skills and tools necessary to run the business operations.

In TH, you can find different courses of your interest related to the topics you must learn to help you thrive in your role in AITJ.

You will notice that there are different types of resources: videos, documents and links that lead you to learn and implement what is needed for you.

Why enroll in TH?

Do you ever feel frustrated when you don't know how to perform a task?

AITJ created a space where all team members can have easy access to tutorials and information that can help them to understand, learn and adapt fast to the changing market conditions. Since we care about our team members and their performance, TH is a big opportunity for all of us to improve our remote workplace environment and its development.

Therefore, TH is a powerful tool to train and help team members to learn, adapt and implement the lessons that the courses have been prepared for in the AITJ workplace.

How can AITJ team members increase their performance?

To learn a new skill or a habit takes time, patience and energy. The only way that a behaviour sticks in us is when it is simple and easy to perform. We humans tend to practice the principle of less resistance, which means the easiest.

The easier a task is, the more likely we are to do it.

Thus, TH is a great way to make the life of the team members easier. Everyone has access to the content that they need in an easy, fast and simple way.

Videos are a great way to communicate educational and informative information effectively.

Also, everyone learns differently, some people are readers and some people are visual learners. That's why we have different types of resources that can be beneficial for every team member.

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Find the links to join TH courses in the AITJ Training folder on Drive. If unsure, ask HR!

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